2020 Addiction Statistics: Startling New Trends

In the United States, drug abuse and alcohol abuse prove to be long-lasting issues. In fact, the most recent addiction statistics show that substance use disorders have become increasingly common in recent years.

But what do the 2020 addiction statistics show? And why are addiction statistics on the rise? In this article, you’ll learn more about addiction statistics and how they relate to you.

What Are the Most Recent Addiction Statistics?

2020 Addiction TrendsAccording to addiction statistics documented by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, illicit drug use continues to rise in 2020. Along the same lines, alcohol addiction is, unfortunately, not improving in the United States. 

More specifically, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that over 164 million people ages of 18 and older used addictive substances within recent years. This includes substances such as alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications like opioids. Out of these millions of people, over 20 million actually had a substance use disorder.

There are many different reasons as to why the addiction statistics are showing an increase in substance use disorders in the past few years. 2020, for example, has brought new challenges to those who struggle with substance use as well as mental health disorders.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant and negative impact on people’s mental health throughout the year. The spread of the virus has added a substantial amount of stress to people’s everyday lives. 

As a result, people who have mental health conditions and substance use disorders are struggling to cope with the added pressures from falling ill, losing their jobs, and being socially isolated. Without proper treatment, so many Americans end up turning to alcohol and drugs to “cope” with their discomfort. Additionally, not many people know how to find treatment during the pandemic and are left wondering how rehab facilities can keep them safe and help them recover.

So what does this mean for the future? Will addiction statistics continue to worsen? In order to combat the rising numbers, we have to study the current addiction statistics and apply treatment strategies that will help anyone with a substance use disorder on their path toward recovery.

Treatment Programs for Addiction

2020 addiction statistics

As we face the reality of the addiction statistics from 2020, it becomes perfectly clear that people need addiction treatment. Getting treatment is the only way to truly improve this country’s addiction statistics. Some of the most effective treatment programs for addiction are as follows:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxThe first step toward recovery is going through drug and alcohol detox. It’s important to remember that addiction is as much of a physical challenge as it is a mental health issue. Thus, drug and alcohol detox can be dangerous. Not only can detox cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat and nausea, but it can also take a toll on co-occurring mental health conditions. This is why you should attend a social model detox program. Essentially, the social model detox program means that you will be monitored 24/7 as you go through this intense process. This is the safest way to go through detox for alcohol or drug addiction and will get you to the next steps in recovery.
  • Inpatient residential programAfter detox, one of the best options for addiction treatment is to enter an inpatient residential program. Inpatient residential treatment gives you the opportunity to heal in a sober, safe environment. In an intensive inpatient program, mental health professionals will guide you through treatment for both behavioral issues and substance use disorders. Another option is a residential rehab program, which greatly benefits people who have been struggling with a substance use disorder for a long time. If you are one of these people, your time in this program will help you to learn healthy coping skills as well as relapse prevention strategies.
  • Drug abuse treatment—Studies from the CDC show that drug overdose deaths have affected nearly half a million people since 1999. These addiction statistics prove how necessary it is to receive treatment for drug abuse. The type of drug abuse treatment you need depends on your specific struggles with drug addiction. You might benefit most from opioid treatment, for example, if you experience chronic pain and require pain management in addition to addiction recovery. Similarly, there are specific treatment approaches for other common drug addictions, such as cocaine rehab and meth rehab
  • Alcohol abuse treatment—As with drug abuse treatment, alcohol abuse treatment focuses specifically on recovering from an addiction to alcohol. Alcohol abuse is much more common than you’d think, according to recent addiction statistics. Stress drinking and self-medicating with alcohol are both substantial issues. On top of this, this type of addiction can be particularly challenging this time of year with the stress of the holidays. Finding alcohol abuse treatment is essential in reducing addiction statistics. But more than that, alcohol abuse treatment can give you happier, healthier years ahead.

How to Find Treatment Programs Near You

Now that you understand more about addiction statistics for both alcohol and drug abuse in the United States, you can move on to the next step toward recovery: finding a treatment program. Luckily, the Victorious Journey Recovery Center is here to help reduce the rising addiction statistics one person at a time.

Regardless of the type of treatment you need at the Victorious Journey Recovery Center facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, you will have the opportunity to work with mental health professionals and other patients who have similar struggles to you. You will learn how to cope with the stress of the pandemic in a safe environment and build skills needed to maintain your recovery well after your time in treatment.

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