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From the very beginning I was very comfortable at VJRC . I was the 1st client there and they made me feel right at home and cared for. They are very Professional , Kind Courteous and Caring with smiles on their faces. They helped me with everything from my PTSD to my Recovery and prepared me for returning to a life that I deserve.

I had my own room with a King size bed with a great view. The food is awesome even had shrimp the other night. Played Badminton Corn Hole Backgammon and Battleship for entertainment. Large Screen TV.

I would Recomend VJRC to anyone that needs help with PTSD and addiction.

Victorious Journey Denver Bronco Amazing Wide Receiver and most importantly Amazing Man. Spends his time with all the clients with Love and Respect. Thank you Vance for all of your Love and all you are about.

Your Biggest Fan Ken Johnson.


I was blessed to find out about the Victorious Journey in Las Vegas from my home in Colorado. I was struggling with with an addiction to Alcohol and I found myself gaining small periods of sobriety and finding myself coping with grief and loss with Alcohol. At VJRC I gained an understanding that it was ok to feel the way I did and I learned other coping skills to deal with my emotions. The 30 day program was filled with activities and classes that address several topics including relapse prevention to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Just to name a few. There was a great mix of various meeting for recovery like A.A. and N.A. The staff was open and understanding and gave me great support and resources for my life in recovery going forward. The road to recovery is not always straight. VJRC pointed me in the right direction. I have to do the work traveling forward.

Mike F.


The Victorious Journey Recovery Center was extremely helpful for me. The staff was very knowledgeable and showed great attention to my personal needs along with the tools I needed to deal with my addition. The tools I acquired will stay with me for a life time. I am very confident as I live treatment that I have the tools for a very successful and amazing life. I would highly recommend the center for anyone struggling with addition.


My time at vance Johnson recovery center was for the most part pretty good. We as clients did have some discrepancies here and there but the staff corrected it right away. Still little things need to get fixed so us clients have more freedoms. Staff members also need to be on the same page. Breakfast in the morning was very inconsistent, Some days we did have a good choice of things to eat for breakfast, but most of the time, we had very little. But for the most part my time here was very positive and I learned a lot from all the classes.


I really appreciated my time at VJRC. The staff and other clients taught me a lot about my recovery and life in general. I was lucky to be apart of the scholarship program which was probably the only way I would have entered a recovery program. I still have a lot to figure out and experience as I leave and continue recovery outside of here. But I feel like the tools and resources I was exposed to will be essential during the next period of my life. Of course everything wasn’t perfect the whole time. Being a new program I know a lot of things were still being organized and figured out as my stay progressed. In all I would say these were mostly speed bumps and will help me deal with the other challenges I will face going forward.


My experience at VJRC was hands down a wonderful and rewarding time. I was treated with compassion and respect the moment I walked through the door. I was blessed to get the chance to begin my journey back in to recovery after my relapse. I just can’t say enough!


My experience at VJRC was great and I believe it has the possibility to serve me well on this journey to a fulfilling life. The staff has been awesome and really has our best in mind. This experience has not been an easy on though nothing worth fighting for is.
I hope if you have come to a crossroad you consider getting the help.


my stay at VJRC was life changing! they staff was amazing and very helpful. i went through some ups and down but they help me understand my emotions and understand where they are coming from and an how to dial with them. i hope to one day come back and speak to those who are in the sit i am now and share my stay with them to motive them to stay clean!!!


Before coming here my sense of reality was completely distorted and my ability to feel as though I had a chance at recovery again was slim to none. This recovery center focuses wholeheartedly on your addiction and different ways to navigate through life while being proud you are a recovering addict. Having some time clean prior I was able to gain the tools I was once given before and look at them in a different measure. The sense of how this is life or death was never more apparent to me while being here and learning everything that I was able to learn. The staff here was amazing in both experience as well as experience. The techs here are really the bridge that gaps everything because they too are recovering addicts and their experience, strength and hope resonated with me in more ways then I could have ever imagined or hoped for. I recommend this facility to anyone struggling with their addiction. They really do have the tools to allow your self the ability to chose again when it comes to living a long and prosperous life.


treatment was amazing. I was very fortunate to get a scholarship and this is the best program I have ever been too. The R.S.T are all amazing and help with anything you need and help when you may be struggling and do anything they can to help and to show there is hope .Dan and Vance are both very inspiring and great people who truly care and are god send . I have never been to a program that really makes you look at your behavior and being mindful of how you got to where you are today. And how to move forward and change your old behavior .Doctor seeds helped to balance out my meds and be comfortable and more stable and worked with me to get me to 100% .I would recommend this program to anyone and would send friends and family here in the future if they are serious about changing.


The Victorious Journey Recovery Center saved my life. The recovery skills, addiction education, and fellowship I received here is priceless and has helped me establish my foundation in recovery. The counselors, nursing staff, and the R.S.T.’s were thorough, attentive, respectful, and encouraging… Especially lead tech Alex. I will be forever grateful for the treatment I received here and cannot wait to be an active member of the alumni.


I came from Colorado and as my flight arrived into LAS, Victorious Journey picked me up and took me to detox. After completing detox he then came and brought me to Victorious Journey Recovery Center. As soon as I arrived the staff was very warm, open, and welcoming. They made me feel welcomed instantly. Everyone was very courteous, compassionate and caring. I was unsure what I was walking into as this was my first inpatient recovery. I was brought food as they were processing me through the intake. After being processed they introduced me to everyone and I was welcomed with opened arms. The rest of my stay was even better. I was respected with my personal space and privacy. All of the staff showed compassion, sympathy and empathy to my situation. Any time I needed to talk there was always someone there to listen. The groups were very helpful and allowed me to open up and be honest with my story. I was very pleased with my experience especially with it being the only treatment center I have ever been to. I highly recommend Victorious Journey Recovery Center to any one who truly wants to start their recovery. I cant forget to mention there was plenty of food and it was good food.


All of the staff here is amazing. They all made sure I was well taken care of and that my every need got met. The classes or groups here are also amazing. They teach us about mindfulness and meditation and they do yoga and stretching and Chi Gong and Commit classes as well. I love the RST’s here they are all so kind and caring. They make sure we get what we need and feed us catered food and they actually talk with us like were normal people instead of like they’re better than us. I really enjoyed listening to some of the RST’s share their stories with us. Overall I’d say this place is a really nice place to be when you’re looking for treatment. I cannot express how thankful I really am to have been able to be here and get the treatment I needed. I’ve definitely learned to skills how to live my daily life clean and sober. I’m definitely looking forward to a new life of recovery. Thank you for helping me get a jump start on my recovery the way I needed it when I needed it.


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