Alcohol Vitamin Deficiency: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Your body benefits from the rich nutrients and vitamins found in the food and beverages you consume. The vitamins your body needs are essential in creating energy, helping to build strength, and working to keep you healthy. But when you do not get enough of these nutrients, you can experience significant health issues. 

Alcohol vitamin deficiency is one of the common ways that people miss out on essential vitamins and nutrients. Here, you will learn more about alcohol vitamin deficiency, including its causes, symptoms, and how to treat it. 

What Is Alcohol Vitamin Deficiency?

alcohol vitamin deficiency

Alcohol vitamin deficiency is a condition that happens as a direct result of frequent drinking or alcoholism. As the name suggests, the alcohol that you consume over time can cause a deficiency, or a harmful decrease, in the presence of important vitamins throughout your body. There are a few explanations as to how alcohol vitamin deficiency occurs.

First, studies show that consuming alcohol can impact the way you absorb vitamins in other foods and drinks. Alcohol can hurt the effectiveness of digestive enzymes that you produce. And these digestive enzymes are essential in breaking down nutrients from the foods you eat. When they are unable to break down food, you begin to lose valuable resources for energy, which can lead to a wide range of health issues.

On top of this, alcohol’s effects on the lining of the stomach can be severe. This means that the enzymes aren’t the only aspects being negatively impacted—everything from the stomach to the intestines can be damaged by alcohol. As a result of this damage, your body cannot take in or process many vitamins and minerals that it needs to survive. Additionally, stomach damage as a result of alcohol use can lead to even deadlier concerns such as cancer.

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Furthermore, even if the body can break down vitamins from food and other nutrients, alcohol use could prevent the actual use or application of those vitamins. Simply put, this means that your body would not be able to properly store or use the energy that is supposed to be metabolized throughout the blood, organs, and surrounding systems.

What Are the Symptoms of Alcohol Vitamin Deficiency?

Since alcohol vitamin deficiency affects the break-down, storage, and use of essential vitamins in the body, there are a wide range of symptoms that many people who struggle with addiction face. For example, the combination of a deficiency in vitamin D and alcohol use as the cause could result in muscle deterioration. This means that the muscles become very weak and don’t work as they are supposed to. 

Similarly, interactions between vitamin B and alcohol, vitamin C and alcohol, as well as dozens of other vitamins and alcohol can cause the following:

How Do You Treat Alcohol Vitamin Deficiency?

Immediate intervention is often needed for people who have alcohol vitamin deficiency because, unfortunately, many of these side effects can cause irreversible damage or even death. If you or somebody you love has been struggling with alcoholism and you worry about its effects on your mind and body, there are treatment plans for every step of recovery to get you back on your feet.

Vitamins for Alcohol Withdrawal

The very first task toward recovering from alcohol vitamin deficiency is to rid the body of the toxins that are causing damage. This means stopping any consumption of alcohol. Of course, alcohol detoxification can be intense and cause withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include vomiting, hallucinations, and depression. Thus, the detox process should be done in a safe and supervised environment so that you can receive all of the benefits of replenishing your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

When you have alcohol vitamin deficiency and you are going through alcohol withdrawal, it’s more important than ever to supplement your nutrition with specific vitamins so that you do not lose any of the key energy you will need to heal.  Not having enough vitamin C during withdrawal in particular can cause serious illnesses, such as scurvy. Direct your focus on vitamins for alcohol detox that will boost your energy, improve your immune system, and help with any co-occurring physical or mental health side effects.

Healthy Nutrition Options

alcohol damage

Changing your eating habits as you are going through addiction recovery in general can make a world of difference. Important vitamins for recovering alcoholics can be introduced to the body through supplements but also through nutrient-rich foods like:

  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Bananas
  • Certain meat proteins
  • Kale
  • Oher fruits and vegetables.

Eating foods rich in vitamins that are often depleted by alcohol use will not only help you to encourage the absorption and production of energy throughout your body but it can also help improve your mood. It’s important to remember that alcohol’s effects can damage your physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. Healing from alcoholism through nutrition education can bring systematic changes that help you to achieve your recovery goals.

Professional Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Lastly, battling alcohol vitamin deficiency is something that requires a lot of energy, dedication, and support. Rest assured that you can work toward overall recovery with the help of treatment centers, like the Victorious Journey Recovery Center, that focus on the physical and emotional impacts of alcohol addiction.

In addition to receiving specific guidance on the nutrition plan that would best benefit you, you will be able to restore yourself through a variety of treatment options such as:

  • Recreational therapy
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group sessions
  • 12-step programs
  • Discharge care

We are here to answer all of your questions about alcohol vitamin deficiency and help you to see the quality of life that recovery will offer to you. You can put a halt to all of the deficiencies that alcoholism has brought to your life with safe, comfortable treatment. Regardless of the damage that has happened in the past, you have the opportunity to move forward on a healthier, happier path. Please reach out to our recovery experts at 888-828-2623 or by submitting a confidential contact form today.

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