Taking drugs always comes with possible and serious consequences. But what many people don’t know is that laced drugs introduce an increased danger to people who struggle with addiction. Laced drugs pose unknown risks, and what’s even more frightening is that individuals often cannot tell when drugs are laced.

Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about laced drugs, the side effects of taking laced pills, and how to find protection from these things through substance use treatment.

Drugs Laced with Fentanyl on the Rise

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In the past year, the Drug Enforcement Administration has been working to warn Americans that laced drugs are becoming more prevalent and even deadlier. According to the DEA, any drug has the possibility of being laced with addictive substances like fentanyl. This includes heroin mixed with fentanyl, cocaine laced with fentanyl, and laced prescription drugs.

This means that there are truly no drugs that are “safe” from being laced with other substances. The biggest concern with fentanyl or any laced pills is that the buyer doesn’t know what they are getting. Laced drugs are often more potent, more addictive, and more dangerous because of this reason.

In fact, drugs laced with fentanyl or other synthetic opioids have caused a drastic increase in the amount of overdose deaths in just the past few years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts that these numbers will continue to rise because laced drugs are becoming more common. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge in addiction rates and as a result, more people are buying laced pills without realizing the serious consequences before it is too late.

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How to Avoid Laced Drugs

Unfortunately, laced pills can look identical to any other type of drug. If you are wondering how to tell if coke is cut with fentanyl, for example, there’s no way to “eyeball” it; you would need a drug testing kit.

The only way that you can completely avoid laced drugs is to seek treatment for addiction. Through recovery, you will be able to healthily manage life stressors, mental health concerns, and addiction urges that would lead you to buying laced pills or other deadly substances.

Not only will addiction treatment keep you safe from laced drugs, but it will also help you to find a happier, healthier way of living. For many people who struggle with addiction, turning to alcohol and/or drugs is the only way that they know how to cope with painful emotions. This is why treatment is so important to help you recover physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

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The mental health professionals at the Victorious Journey Recovery Center located in Las Vegas, Nevada are here to give you the resources you need to stay safe from laced pills as well as other addictive substances. In addition to our specific opioid treatment program, some of our other services include:

In all of our treatment programs, we offer various therapeutic techniques to help you heal from the challenges of addiction. We have seen our patients thrive through one-on-one treatments such as individual therapy sessions, CBT and/or DBT, and recovery maintenance skills counseling.

Furthermore, we find that group counseling and peer recovery groups give patients the opportunity to work with others who truly understand what they are going through and who can offer long-lasting support. We also encourage those who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders to participate in dual diagnosis treatment for a holistic approach to healing.

If you are unsure about the dangers of addiction and the risks of laced drugs, don’t hesitate to reach out for help at 888-828-2623. Or if you have questions but don’t feel ready to call, you can find answers by filling out a confidential contact form today. At the Victorious Journey Recovery Center, you won’t have to worry about all of the unknowns that come with drug addiction—instead, you can focus on finding lifelong strength in recovery.

Laced drugs are incredibly dangerous because it’s nearly impossible to tell what substances have been mixed together. Laced drugs increase the risks of addiction, mental health concerns, and fatal overdoses. This is why it is so important to work toward recovery from drug addiction—with the proper treatment, you can keep yourself away from the physical and mental health dangers of laced drugs.

Heather Ware

Heather is a content writer from Ohio who has a sincere passion for psychology and addiction recovery. Her areas of interest include alcoholism, depression, and recovery options, to name a few.

Laced drugs are typically cheaper to produce because they use synthetic material. Additionally, laced drugs are more addictive, which means that people have an even greater risk of developing drug dependency. This leads people to seek out the laced drugs more and more.

Heather Ware

Heather is a content writer from Ohio who has a sincere passion for psychology and addiction recovery. Her areas of interest include alcoholism, depression, and recovery options, to name a few.

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